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Tuesday, April 20, 2021
Home Politics Indian Farmers Protesting Against Canadian Free Trade Agreement!

Indian Farmers Protesting Against Canadian Free Trade Agreement!

The next Indian Farmers’ strike is expected in the coming year. Till now, there have been demonstrations by farmers of several states across India demanding for better working conditions and better access to land for farmers. Farmers are demanding better pricing from the Indian government for the foodgrain which they produce and export to the global market. The price hike has affected the very livelihood of ordinary Indian farmers who depend on the sale of their produce and export to the global market.

The new government in India led by the Bharatiya Lok party has promised to bring in positive changes in the agricultural sector but so far they have not done that. Instead of bringing in positive changes they have done the opposite, instead they have only worsened the problem of the farmers in India. They have passed three wrong legislation which affect the farmers badly, the most prominent being the minimum support price (MSP) bill which has increased the price of the produce and also imposed a heavy tax on the farmer’s share of the production.

The farmers are now gearing up to protest in front of the federal and state governments and demand for better laws and MSP reduction. The stories of the farmers in India who have lost everything due to the policies of the present government are endless. They are still facing the problem of lack of funds and inability to pay the heavy MSP amounts to the market. This is the basic reason why the farmers are joining the Indian Farmers Protests against the wrong policies of the government and the failure of its management.

However, this doesn’t mean that the protest india won’t be successful. If the prime minister could have understood the real problems of the farmers then he would have never passed the three wrong legislations. Farmers don’t want to lose their lands and if the prime minister realized that he was wrong then he should have brought back the failed policies immediately.

The story continues; the prime minister is now trying his best to make the fiscal policy balanced and introduce the fiscal policy in the indirect form through FDI. Farmers in India are very much interested in this option. This is because the price of the commodity has been increasing day-by-day and the government is now trying hard to provide an option to earn income through that. In fact, farmers in India are one of the major beneficiaries of FDI coming in as the rate of unemployment is very less.

As a result, the prime minister Trudeau is trying hard to meet the expectation of the farmers and bring back the growth levels in the economy. However, the only setback in this regard is that the fiscal policy is not stable and the fiscal imbalance will continue for some time. This problem can be tackled with the introduction of indirect taxes and higher MSPs that will definitely help the farmers a lot. However, this problem can also be tackled with bringing more foreign investment into the country.

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