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Friday, May 7, 2021
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Indian Railways to reduce congestion

Indian Railways is doing work to lessen clog on different courses, educated Vinod Kumar Yadav, Chairman, Railway Board while addressing media.

“An aggregate of 7 courses have been distinguished as High-Density Network (HDN), which has an absolute length of 11,295 km. There is 60 percent traffic on these courses. In this manner, we are finding a way to lessen traffic on these courses,” he said. “The railroads intend to zap and twofold the HDN and exceptionally used systems (HUN) organize, with a length of 34,642 km, by March 2024,” he included. Yadav additionally discussed the means about creation the procedure straightforward and educated that, “General Conditions of Contract (GCC) completely modified; Bonus statement for early finish, EPC Standard Tender Documents, IR-Works Contract Management System an e-entry for dealing with all works contracts propelled, Online drawings endorsement gateway (E-DAS) made operational, Portal for E-Commissioner for Railway System sanctions.”

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