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Is Justin Trudeau the Best Man For the Job?

Justin Trudeau is the latest celebrity that has made a foray into politics, though his star might be considerably smaller than that of Stephen Harper. The prime minister of Canada has been in office for more than six years now and during that time, his government has done quite well. In fact, Canada has enjoyed economic growth that most people would deem as enviable and the recent welcoming of refugees as well as the introduction of many immigrants from other countries have done much to solidify Canada’s place as a prominent player on the international stage. Still, with Justin Trudeau at the helm, what does his government intend to do to further its popularity and make sure that it maintains its high profile for years to come?

One way that Justin Trudeau plans to boost his popularity with the Canadian people is through his prime minister position, which he is also supposed to assume later this year. Though there are rumors that discussions for such a position have already taken place, it is yet to be confirmed whether he will be elevated to cabinet level or will remain an MP until the next election scheduled after the next general elections are due in Canada. It must be understood though, that having been named prime minister does not automatically entitle the current Canadian PM to become prime minister of his own country in the future. Though it can be considered as a stepping stone, the decision still rests with the current prime minster.

Speaking of his role in the ongoing Canada PM contest, Justin Trudeau has already been criticized for appointing Jean Chretien as his national adviser. This criticism however, is entirely unwarranted since Chretien is an acceptable choice as a national figure as compared to the current PM. However, the question is not whether Justin Trudeau can succeed in India as an MP; rather, the bigger question is whether the new PM needs any help to get his political career off the ground in Canada.

Justin Trudeau’s elevation to the position of justin prime minister was done through a deal struck between him and the current government of Canada. He is to serve as the communications minister and his main responsibilities will be to represent the government on the global scale. Moreover, he is also to be the leader of the opposition in the House of Commons. Thus, the prime minister is expected to maintain a high profile even during his time as a member of parliament. Besides, the current government of Canada will have to rely heavily on the assistance provided by Justin Trudeau in order to keep its economic base intact throughout the recession period in Canada.

The elevation of Justin Trudeau to the position of justin prime minister means that he is now expected to fulfill his official duties to the best of his ability while also paving the way for a future where Canada will play a greater role in Indo-Pacific cooperation. He is already considered as a world leader and the first ever Canadian gender prime minister. At the same time, Justin Trudeau is also expected to play a major role in the greater implementation of the Canada’s national unity and identity in the light of the multicultural background of the country. He is also tasked with the responsibility of leading the reconciliation process between aboriginal and non-aboriginal Canadian parties. Such role is expected to bring greater contribution to Canada from within her communities, as well as the country as a whole.

Current opinion polls suggest that the recent elevation of Justin Trudeau to the position of justin prime minister would be good for the image of the new government in Canada. His elevation to the top leadership post is likely to boost the confidence level among the Canadians living abroad in India as well as in other countries that have hosted former Canadian cabinet members including Mr. Trudeau. It is expected that Mr. Justin Trudeau’s elevation to the premiership would help the current government of Canada to gain a stronger hold over the people residing abroad in order to strengthen bilateral ties and create a positive environment for Canada India relations in future.

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