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Home Politics Letter to Naveen from Niranjan: Odisha is proceeding towards group infection

Letter to Naveen from Niranjan: Odisha is proceeding towards group infection

Dear Naveen Babu,

Coronavirus infection in the state is slowly escalating. If immediate action is not taken, there is a good chance that the group will be infected. We have all extended a helping hand to the state government, regardless of party affiliation, in the fight against the coronavirus. We hope that you will take the lead in making this campaign a success by discussing the issue with various political parties, social organizations, and experienced people who are struggling with disasters.

The Congress party is urging you to take action in the coming days, which will help prevent the spread of the virus.

1. Most importantly, there is a need for a person who does not want to be treated at a government hospital. 20 per cent of every private and corporate hospital should be kept for people who want to spend their wages and money in a better environment. Here the quality of the ticks is the government.

2. The doctor, at the expense of the patient, but instead of receiving the benefits, the family of the patient has the opportunity to get excellent health care at the expense of money.

3. Health workers should be surveyed across the state to identify the victims of each house or business establishment and those with similar symptoms. 3. The number of Covid hospitals in the state has increased, with medical equity and life-saving benefits. A large number of vouchers should be kept. Providing security kits to corona warriors should be made radical.

4. The number should be at least 25,000 per day in the state. Contact training should be done with the guru and tested. In areas with multiple infections, one hundred percent of the population should be tested in a limited area. Their tests should be made mandatory before they are released from the Defense Center and Covid Hospital.

In other states, private cutters have begun to provide better treatment for infected patients, but not in Odisha. Therefore, it is important to consider this seriously.

“Above all, we urge the government to openly negotiate with various political parties to protect the state from this deadly infection, and to hand it over to a handful of officials.”

Thanking you,

Yours Faithfully

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