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Lockdown Problem: Pot makers losing their profession

Malkangiri: The pot makers work hard all year to preserve their traditional art by making and selling various clay making tools. But with the announcement of a lockdown across the country due to the corona, the demand for clay materials has declined as no one is out of the house. So the goods cannot be sold. As a result, the family is struggling to make ends meet. Concerned. Pandipani Fatayat lives in the village of Kurguda, with 24 potter families. Nowadays, there is a demand for clay materials and many materials have been made to meet the demand before the summer season. Every deity has made all these items as there is a need to cook lamps, pottery, food items from clay pots for good deeds, wedding vows, Dashah deeds. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. So in the summer, potters make a lot of money selling their things and provide for the whole family. It was aimed at selling it daily at markets, social hats and villages. But while the Corona virus has spread around the world, our state and Malkangiri districts have not been left out. With the announcement of Lucknow in our country since the night of the 24th of last month, all the weekly haats in the district have been closed and no bar has been cut off this year. As a result, the potters are worried. It’s hard to cut the day off. .

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