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Mental  Health

What is health? It is a state of the mind, where the person accepts his/her self as being healthy, fit and free from illness and disease, capable of doing what is expected of him/her, a part of the community and having the capacity to contribute to it. It is also called “spiritual health”. This is achieved through an individual’s ability to live life with good health.

Mental health, defined by the WHO, is a state of well-being where the person accepts himself/herself as capable of coping with the everyday stresses of life, is able to work productively, can accept change, is able to develop a sense of pride and self-worth, is able to give and receive guidance, and can make a positive contribution to society. This mental state is not always easy. It requires time and commitment to the person’s life. Most of the time, there are many challenges that the person faces and has to learn how to handle them. There are also some situations that can cause anxiety.

Some people have a mental disorder, for example depression, schizophrenia or anxiety. This mental disorder may be triggered by a traumatic experience that the person has encountered. People with these types of disorders can do all the things that other people do like playing, laughing, and smiling but their thoughts and feelings are different and they have different goals for the day. They are different and their way of living differs, they may have a family or a career and they are not a member of the social group.

When someone has a high level of mental health, he/she usually experiences a relaxed state of mind, happy mood and an open heart. They do not see the negative side of life. They are able to enjoy life, smile, and laugh and do not worry. A person who is mentally healthy is aware of his/her limitations and knows when to give in and when to keep on going. They feel they are able to take the right decisions and make the right choices.

A person with a low level of mental health can experience anxiety and panic attacks on a regular basis, a person with low levels of mental health can also experience depression. These feelings cause a person to feel helpless and isolated. The person might feel like he/she does not have a role in the world. A person with a low level of mental health might feel lonely and isolated, depressed and might not be able to communicate with his/her friends. A person with a low level of mental health may feel that they are incompetent and incapable of managing their own life. If they do not take the right decision and do not do their job well, their lives become unmanageable. Sometimes, they feel like they are going crazy and that they do not know what they are doing.

This mental state is important for both the mentally and physically healthy person, because it helps a person deal with all the daily problems in his/her life. It helps a person to face them with more confidence and courage. It helps in overcoming any obstacles and challenges and it helps in taking control of one’s life. The mental health condition of the person is reflected in his/her physical health. When one experiences good health, he/she is able to face the difficult times and face what lies ahead of him/her.

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