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Saturday, April 10, 2021
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MLA’s JeevanBindu (LifePoints) Program without caring lockdown

Mayurbhanj (Ghasiram Behera): The Jeevanbindu program was held today in the presence of Basanti Hemram, MLA of Karanjia constituency in the district. The event saw local party leaders and activists unite. But how far is it to celebrate the 23rd tribute to the late Bijubabu, a proverbial man, with a life-long program to help local legislators with lockdown efforts across the country to prevent coronavirus disease?


On the other hand, after the wreath-laying ceremony at the beginning of the event, a tribute was paid to Bijubabu. MLA Basanti Hemram officially inaugurated the Jeevanbindu program. The event was attended by 30/40 B supporters, including Premjit Sahu, former chairman of the local advertised area council, and Dillip Kumar Sahu, party leader. Twenty-three units of blood were collected during the Jeevanbindu program. The BJP supremo and all the coworkers appealed not to hold a homage to the proverbial bijubabu in addition to appealing to more people not to gather in one place. Hon’ble Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik’s wish has been overturned by Basanti Hemram, MLA of Karanjia constituency. It is clearly mentioned that all should maintain social distancing and follow the guidelines of lockdown. But it seems for the MLA, all these doesn’t value at all. Everyone is surprised as she didn’t follow the instructions of the Hon’ble Chief Minister regarding this event. Well, repeatedly this kind of behavior has been noticed. Though blood donation is a noble work, and the country is really in need of it, but by violating the social distancing is not right. Allegedly this behavior is noticed. “The lockdown and social distancing is only for common people, not for political leaders” is being questioned; its being noticed that rules are different for different people is in discussion.

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