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Home News Modi's love for peacocks

Modi’s love for peacocks

PM Narendra Modi posted a video on Instagram on Sunday where he can be seen taking care of a few peacocks inside his official living arrangement and nursery.

The video shows the Prime Minister taking care of the peacocks, who visit the nurseries in his home, with his hands. He can likewise be seen passing by a moving peacock while strolling in the nurseries. He likewise shared a Hindi sonnet where he portrays the magnificence of a peacock and its quiet nature. In the sonnet, the Prime Minister thinks about how peacocks without making any clamor utilize their plumes to demonstrate that it will rain. He likewise alludes to the relationship the national fledgling has with Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva in the sonnet. Certain territories of New Delhi are known for their biodiversity and one can regularly spot peacocks, blue bulls and transitory flying creatures in these regions.

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