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Mumbai Police gives new COVID-19 lockdown rules: Here’s what is permitted, what’s most certainly not

Mumbai: Mumbai Police gives new COVID-19 lockdown rule, Mumbai Police on Wednesday reported the refreshed lockdown rules which confines the development of individuals in open regions and transport while excluding those engaged with fundamental administrations. In a progression of tweets, Mumbai Police reported the refreshed lockdown rules, which states “Public Places: Weekdays (7 am-8 pm) – the development of close to 5 individuals permitted Weekdays (8 pm-7 am) and 8 pm Friday to 7 am Monday – no development with the exception of fundamental administrations Beaches-Closed till 30 April.”

While private workplaces will stay shut, government workplaces have been permitted to run with 50% inhabitance through government workplaces needed for a reaction to COVID-19, power, water, banking and monetary administrations are permitted to work with 100% limit.

Also, just 50 visitors are permitted in wedding functions while not beyond what 20 individuals can go to memorial services.

It likewise declared the schools and universities will stay shut alongside cafés, bars, strict spots, film corridors, rec centres, pools, hair salons, wine shops and spas while shops, markets and shopping centres will stay shut aside from fundamental administrations.

“Cafés and bars to remain shut with the exception of those inside lodgings. Remove, bundle and home conveyance will be allowed on workdays from 7 am to 8 pm. At the ends of the week just home conveyance will be permitted from 7 am to 8 pm,” it said.

It further said that the individual showing up or leaving via train, transport or flight can go consistently while mechanical specialists going by private transports or vehicles can go consistently utilizing substantial ID card and understudies making a trip to go to the test can go with legitimate corridor ticket,” it said.

The rules said that paper printing and flow, home conveyance are permitted from 7 am-8 pm. Fundamental administrations, the assembling area, oxygen makers, online business and development will stay operational while wine shops will stay shut and the conveyance of it isn’t permitted all things considered.

The refreshed rules for the city said that there can be two travellers in an auto-cart while a taxi can have 50% of its traveller limit. Public transports can employ at full limit yet standing travellers won’t be permitted.

It further added that nurseries and public grounds will be opened from 7 am to 8 pm on workdays. On Wednesday, Maharashtra announced 55,469 new COVID-19 cases and 297 passings. The dynamic number of cases in the state remains at 4,72,283. The loss of life in the state has gone up to 56,330.

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