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Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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Nationwide strike against privatization by Trade Union

Jajpur: In the wake of the August 2 Revolution Day, I, N, T.U. C, is celebrating it as National Saving Day. The central government has staged a nationwide strike against privatization of state-owned enterprises, anti-labor and anti-people policies in front of the Gopbandhu statue in Byasnagar, I.N.T.U. District President Vidyadhar Mohanty and A.I. T.U. C. Led by Chandramani Patra, the leader of the party, placards were displayed in various parts of the city in protest of the anti-labor policies of the central and state governments, while maintaining social distance.

In Odisha, more than 10 crore workers were unemployed during the Covid-19 crisis, while the state government did not provide them with livelihoods, and the central and state governments hampered the recruitment process, including the privatization of state-owned enterprises and the creation of new jobs. In this movement, I, N, T.U.C. District Vice President Raghunath Majhi, Niranjan Parja, Co-Editor Paramananda, Dinay Kumar Boitai, Ajay Kumar Das, Chandrakant Khandai, Manoj Das, Bharat Chandra Santi, Pradeep Kumar Bal, Karanjan Nayak, Abhakta Malik, Sushant Nathashakli were present.

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