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Natural Disaster in Gujarat

There is a high chance of an earthquake in Gujarat due to the earthquake zones of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. There is a large number of people living in the area as well, making the natural disaster possible. The water supply to the city is also threatened by the landslide.

The region is one of the richest traditions in India. While the tourists are already scared of the earthquakes, they should know that the city has been dealing with landslides since the past few years. A large part of the city is already destroyed, and it will be much worse after the earthquake. So, if you go to the city, do some preplanning before hand.

The weather forecast for Gujrat is also pretty grim. For some time, the state’s weather has been affected by the El Nino weather pattern. There is no way you can predict whether the heat waves are over or not. Do not be confused, the hills are often just filled with debris and people are found hiding in the mountains. Hence, do not visit the place under those conditions.

The other threat of the Gujrat earthquake is a landslide. According to a recent report, landslides in the city have been increasing lately. So make sure that you take care of your safety while you are visiting the city.

If you are visiting the city, do not worry about the earthquakes, as the roads and the bridges have been repaired and the government has taken care of the geophysics department. But you should take caution, as landslides are still increasing.

Visitors to the city will surely want to take a trip down the hill, so go and check out the hotel in Juhapura. The hotel is situated on the main road, and it does not have any danger. However, do not forget to dress appropriately and travel in groups if you are visiting the place.

There are many city hotels in Gujrat. The ones that are situated near the railway station have few facilities such as a restaurant, swimming pool and an indoor toilet. The best hotels are located in some of the slums, but they offer some facilities and most likely, some local services to the tourists.

You can even check out the hotel from the open house in the city. These hotels have undergone massive renovations, and they provide the visitors with state of the art facilities. However, the hotels are quite expensive. Also, you should be able to pay some money to the hotel staff so that they are able to ensure that the hotel is safe.

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