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Friday, May 7, 2021
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New Education Policy

Think about a school kid after the new education policy and even today the visual of a half twisted kid, because of the heaviness of his/her school pack, gains conspicuousness in our psyches. Be that as it may, with the as of late reported National Education Policy 2020, this probably won’t be the situation any longer. Youths are elated at the presentation of new highlights in the arrangement, in particular brilliant study halls, peer evaluation, accentuation on professional learning, rearrangements of board tests, bag less days and narrating in homeroom.

Thrilled that the overwhelming school sacks will presently clear a path for shrewd study halls, Bhavini Khanna, a sexually transmitted disease 11 understudy, says, “Having bagless days is an extraordinary thought. Learning ought to be outside the course books also, for permits understudies to grow greater interest. Also, brilliant study halls will give a break from the tedious look of the whiteboard and the marker; presently all periods will be as cool as the PC class!”

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