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New Laws For the Farmers of Panjab

The Panjab Farmers’ Union (PFUE) has recently put forward a petition to the federal government asking them to take immediate steps to protect the interests of the rural people in the panjab. The Panjab Farmers Union is a trade union of farmers belonging to the panda and Punjab. These farmers have been traditionally earning a decent living by cultivating and farming different types of crops, including cotton, sugarcane, jute and tea. They are mainly dependent on these crops for their daily breadwinners.

There have been three rounds of talks with the Indian government and the chief minister of the present government at the centre has promised the Panjab Farmers that they will solve their problems and work towards promoting the economy of the state. However, the chief minister has failed to deliver on this promise and instead of progressing the economic growth of the state, he has actually worsened it. He has failed to make any arrangements for the betterment of the ganja farmers. The chief minister has also failed to make any arrangements for the betterment of the state’s zakat, which is the annual payment demanded by the farmers as a right of citizenship.

The chief minister of Panjab has ignored the demands of the ganja farmers and maintained that the issue of the demands of the farmers should be solved politically. He maintained that there would be no change in the policies of the state and the federal government would not interfere in their lives. On the other hand, the prime minister of India has promised the farmers of Gujarat that the government will take all possible steps to help the farmer of Gujarat to increase his income and generate job opportunities for the people of Gujarat. However, both these statements have been rejected by the ganja farmers. The prime minister has failed to provide any assistance or support to the farmers of Gujarat who are fighting hard to get their livelihoods improved.

The chief minister of Panjab has also failed to provide any assistance or support to the ganja farmers during the period of economic breakdown in the state. The main reason behind this is that he has failed to understand the financial condition of the farmers of the state. As a matter of fact, the ganja farmers have almost reached the brink of starvation. Most of the arthiyas and small scale farmers have declared that they would not be able to repay the loans taken from the banks due to the heavy interest rates and excessive loan amount.

Many of the arthiyas have declared that they will be paid back only if the loans are reduced. In order to handle the farmer’s demand money, the state government has announced certain amendments in the existing laws of the state. The new laws allow the relief companies to demand money from the arthiyas only when they think that the condition of the farmer is really bad and there is no hope of recovery. Earlier, the relief companies were allowed to demand money from the arthiyas only when they had already caused a lot of damage to the farmers. However, the new laws have given a tough time to the companies to demand money from the farmers and let them stay away.

The state government has also released certain funds so that the arthiyas can be encouraged to join the kiss of panjab. Through this fund, the visas will be provided with the raw material so that they can create implements and machineries to create jobs for the people of panjab. Farmers of pandas have also been forced to shift to other states in order to survive the economic crisis. Therefore, we can say that these amendments in the laws are really good for the farmers of pandas who are also the mainstay of the economy of the state.

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