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November 2020 Podcast

Fair Game is a free online multiplayer browser game, which is being developed by Bengaluru based independent development company Ncore Games. Fall is a simple and exciting game which gives you a taste of the online multiplayer gaming world. Fearless and United Guards are the next upcoming free online multiplayer action game from Bengaluru headquartered nCore Games which is set to be launched in Q3 2020. The game has already registered the highest number of registrations in less than 24hours on the Play Store from India.

If you wish to download fun game for free, simply visit our website. You can find the download links provided at the bottom of this article. For your convenience, we have also provided the download links for the different versions of FauG Game which are: –

Mobile Iran: The second release of FauG Game is available for the Android operating system. This version of FauG Game has been designed for both iOS and android devices. You can easily download fun game for android using the ‘FauG Game’ application through the android devices with the help of the application swappler. ‘FauG Game’ application is available from the app stores for free and is one of the best ways to experience the thrilling FauG universe.

Mobile Iran: The third release of FauG Game is based on the hit television series of the same name. This game is exclusively for mobile devices from the Indian subcontinent and is being developed by Ncore Games. The popular television series of the same name first aired on Iranian TV channel. The hero of the series, Colonel Fauja, was actually an Iranian National who changed his name and joined the brigade. The hero’s name is derived from Fauja, the ancient city of Iran, which is situated at the foothills of Zagros Mountains.

Mobile Iran Game: The fourth release of FauG Game which is based on the popular television series of the same name, is in its pre-alpha stage. It can be pre-download now from the ‘Appstore’ of App Stores. If you wish to have a sneak preview, you may follow the link ‘ios-app-download-iphone-4.0.jpg’ at the bottom of this article. As soon as it is released, you will be able to enjoy the exciting game of FauG Game.

Mobile Iran Game: The fifth release of FauG Game is in its alpha phase and is scheduled for a release in the next year. The heroine of the series, Momine, along with her four playable partners are all rendered in 3D to give the players the real feel of being in their environment. The entire scenario of the story is planned out in advance and all the stages are already prepared. You can also download the complete version of the app to your iPhone 4S if you wish to try the game out. The November 2020 pls is the final release of this game and you will surely enjoy playing it once you get the chance.

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