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Odisha records the highest ever OGST collection

Commissionerate of CT & GST, Cuttack
Government of Odisha

Odisha records the highest ever OGST collection of Rs. 1126.67 Cr during April ‘21
1. Odisha has recorded the highest ever OGST Collection (since the inception of
GST) of Rs. 1126.67 Cr during the month of April 21. The collection of Rs.
1126.67 Cr is against the collection of Rs. 927.60 Cr. during April 2019 and Rs.
360.36 Cr. during last April 2020 (affected by COVID). The previous highest
was Rs. 954.62 Cr. collected last month i.e. March ’21.
2. The sharp rise in OGST collection during April ’21 is a result of better
compliance, increased collection from the iron and steel sector as well as collection
from matured GST demand made by tax officers after return scrutiny.
3. There is also a collection of Rs. 952.43 Cr in CGST, 1157.05 Cr in IGST & 613.33
Cr in Cess. The total GST collection during April 21 is also the highest ever with Rs
3849.48 Cr as against Rs 2955.60 Cr collected during April 2019 and Rs.
774.29 Cr collected during April 2020.
4. Since all VAT paying dealers (Petrol and Liquor) had paid tax till the 25th of March
during the month of March itself, the balance collection of the remaining 5 days i.e.
Rs. 218.95 Cr was collected during April‘21 as against Rs. 130.11 Cr during
April ’20 and Rs. 183.92 Cr during April ’19 with a growth rate of 68.28%.

Odisha records the highest ever OGST collection

5. Out of the above, collection from Petroleum Products registered a growth of
175.31% with the collection of Rs. 166.87 Cr in April ’21 against Rs. 60.61 Cr in
April ’20.
6. CT & GST Organization has been focusing on increasing the tax-base of GST
with regular survey and registration. 52,210 numbers of new registrants have
been brought under the GST fold in the FY 20-21.
7. All Circles have been instructed to ensure 90% return filing within due date.
1,29,711 nos. of GSTR 3A notices have been issued to Non-Filers while19,268
assessment U/s 62 have been initiated for non-filing of returns in the current
Financial Year.
8. The total e-waybill generated during April ’21 was 15.28 Lakh against 11.91
Lakh during April ’19 and 3.56 Lakh during April ’20 (affected by COVID).
9. During the recent review with Tax Officials, Commissioner of CT & GST,
Sri. Sushil Kumar Lohani, IAS has instructed all the field officers to detect the
wrong return filers by applying data analytics and collect all taxes from them as
per the provisions of law.
10.Tax Officials have been further instructed to facilitate genuine taxpayers and
ensure that they are not put to any unnecessary harassment.

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