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Odisha University (Amendment) Bill – issue of memorandum from academics, former student leaders and student organizations for non-payment

Bhubaneswar: The Odisha University Amendment Bill – 2020 is a memorandum issued by the Hon’ble Governor of Odisha on behalf of the educationists, former student leaders, student organizations and social workers of Odisha. The memorandum states that the Odisha University Amendment Bill – 2020 – opposes and undermines everything in the field of mass education, university research, recruitment of teachers and staff majors, university graduates, and so on. Abolishing the Senate system and rounding up the number of elected representatives of the state government in the Syndicate.

School graduates are directly involved. The teaching and staff capacity of the university authorities has been removed, and the PSC and SSB have been empowered to hire. The internal democratic power of a university has completely eroded its scope. Every university is an advanced educational institution with a high level of education and research.

The Odisha University Schools Act-19 narrowed down all the powers that were available to the University and made the World University Act-2020 void. Rave University is a charitable institution in Gajam, Odisha. Ravenshaw University was established in 2002. A special law was established at the Legislative Assembly. But 15 years later, the state government has repealed the Odisha University Amendment Act-2020, Hara Raven University AIS 2o. Such a negative education protest in the education world, there is an urgent need to oppose the Odisha University Amendment Bill 4-2020 at all levels, ”he said.

138B.B said. Professor Ajit Kumar Mahant, Professor Aniya Kumar Mohanty, former student leader Tia Utkal University former Sudarshan Das, Suresh Panigrahi, Professor Nirab Kumar Khuntia, Professor Sanjib Mahant, social activist Mahant, Saroj Nayak, President of the All India Students Union signed the memorandum of understanding with the state leaders with the participation of key leaders.

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