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Panjab Farmers’ Association Gives Serious Demand to Government on Grants and FAFSA

The Panjab Farmers’ Union is an organization of farmers from the panjab and adjoining areas. The main aim of the union is to provide all the resources and support to the small and marginal farmers of panjab, especially to those who are involved in the agricultural field. Farmers are the primary source of employment generation in the country and without them the economic development will not be possible. Farmers earn a living by cultivating various agricultural products like cotton, sugarcane, jute, saffron, beans, wheat and many more.

Farmers from all over the panda migrate to the cities to earn their livelihood, but they face several problems due to lack of workable land and low wages. To help these farmers and other small and marginal farmers to stay put and generate a living, the Panjab Farmers’ Union was formed. Farmers from different regions of panjab migrate to Delhi to get jobs. If these farmers were to migrate from their respective regions, it would mean an increase in the unemployment rate but unfortunately, that is not the case.

Farmers from the ganja farmers’ union, particularly, from the Punjab and the surrounding areas, face many problems such as low income, lack of investment and promotion opportunities, lack of job security, high overheads and inability to run their businesses properly. This was made worse by the government policies of the erstwhile Maharajas and the Akbar. The policies have forced the cultivators to shift to the cities for jobs and have also affected the wages of the urban people. The rural population has also been negatively impacted.

With the growth of the cities in the state, the chances of earning a living in the cities have also increased. But this has not helped the ganja farmers to stay put and generate a living. The state and federal governments have failed to realize that if both the regions are given equal economic status, there can be a balance in the lives of the people. There is no use giving benefits to one section only and denying the other.

The Panjab Farmers Association has demanded that the government must provide adequate farm fund so that the arthiyas in the state can sustain themselves. If the state does not allot fund, then the farmer will have to give up his job and choose another profession. The state must not treat the arthiyas with kid-glove and must take measures to prevent the farmer from being laid off his job.

The ganja farmers are not to be blamed for being greedy. The main reason behind the non-payment of arthiyas is that they are economically weak and they are forced to shift from their villages to the cities for jobs and better living. But the government must understand that the main reason behind the non-payment or non-appreciation of the due payments is that there are hardly any arthiyas in panjab. If the government and the state government work together to increase the population of the panjab, then it will not be difficult for the state to complete its development process.

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