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Petition signed to remove statue in UK

The request on Change.Org is routed to the nearby Shropshire County Council and came extremely close to sensational scenes of a previous slave dealer Edward Colston’s model being pulled down and hauled into a waterway in Bristol on Sunday, during a few days of blazing “Dark Lives Matter” hostile to prejudice fights.

“Robert Clive was one of the early figures of the British supreme mastery of India, Bengal and a lot of South-East Asia,” peruses the request, which has just pulled in more than 1,700 individuals of its 2,500 objective inside hours.

“Clive as an image of British imperialism is altogether hostile to Indian, Bengali and south-east Asian plummet and to endeavor to legitimize it as a festival of British pride and patriotism is just reasonable on the off chance that one delights in the oppression and murder of a huge number of blameless individuals,” it peruses.

Clive filled in as the principal Governor of Bengal Presidency under the East India Company in the eighteenth century, acquiring the title ‘Clive of India’.

The appeal features his job in the “plundering” of Bengal in the early long stretches of the British Empire, with a significant number of the area’s wealth finding their way back with him to Britain.

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