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Political Science and Politics

Politics is about the rules by which a nation-state functions. Political science is basically the study of the entire process by which government decisions are made, including all the laws, regulations, and policies by which the system operates.

A famous definition of political science states that politics is deciding what gets what, who gets what, and when. The political science expert is a neutral observer who questions and studies how and why various systems of government operate. For example, a popular example includes what the United States government would do with itself if it was bankrupt, or what would happen if the United States government went broke.

Another popular political theory states that a nation can change its form of government if it wishes to. However, this concept does not work in reality, since the majority of nations will stick to one form of government no matter what. Nevertheless, most political theorists feel that a nation can change form a monarchical form to a constitutional one. Additionally, most political experts believe that the political system can be changed for the better.

Most political scientists think that the best system of government would be a mixture of both a constitutional form of government and a monarchical form of government. A constitutional form of government would include such elements as free speech, free press, separation of powers, etc., while a monarchical form of government would include such elements as absolute power, a strong judicial branch, absolute loyalty from the citizenry, the absolute right to law, etc. Some scholars believe that the United States Constitution is too much of a democratic form of government, and thus it would be a good idea for the U.S. to adopt a constitutional form of government.

Political scientists believe that the current form of government in the United States is a perfect example of how a government should be. In particular, they believe that the way in which the United States government operates is not really based on any of the principals that the founders had in mind. For example, the Supreme Court can override Congress and the president, while the executive branch can claim unlimited power, regardless of the Constitution’s provisions.

The political philosophy of the founders of the United States is similar to that of Thomas Jefferson. He believed that the United States Constitution was designed by an “aristocracy”. Political scientists believe that if the United States follows Jefferson’s political philosophy, then it will result in a perfect government.

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