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Pre-registering For FauG Game

Fair Game is the next online multiplayer action game based on the successful United Forces: Guardia Civil War video game series. In this new release, gamers are once again at war as they take on the role of one of the most popular character classes in the FauG universe. Fair Game promises amazing visuals, highly realistic weapon physics and a variety of exciting single player missions in order to keep gamers interested in their exciting game experience.

Fearless and United Guards are an upcoming free online multiplayer tactical battle action game currently being developed by Bengaluru based on Core Games. The game has already registered the highest number of registrations in less than 24 hours in the Play Store from India alone. Players have been patiently waiting for the release of the highly anticipated title, which is now finally here. A mysterious and powerful new weapon has been discovered by the protagonist squad in order to vanquish the evil plaguing the planet of FauG. Fair Game promises an all new single player experience with its exciting new storyline and fantastic single player combat mechanics.

Due to the extreme demand for Fearless, publisher had to initiate some promotional measures to maximize sales and encourage people to preregister for the title. This new release date had to be announced weeks before the actual release date so that people can still make purchases on selected websites. This move has further added to the excitement of fans as they eagerly wait for the final release date. However, there was a snag for everyone as the release date for Fearless was delayed yet again only to be immediately pulled down by the game’s distributor, PlayMC.

As a result of the massive success of the previous titles in the FauG franchise, PlayMC is struggling to maintain the momentum of its release. Some game distributors like Electronic Arts Inc. have taken advantage of this situation and have actually filed lawsuits against PlayMC for copyright infringement. The fate of the release of FauG Game, though, lies solely on PlayMC. With only a few weeks left until the game’s release date, there is no time to waste for the game’s developers. To ensure that FauG Game will be a huge hit and garner enough popularity to generate high sales, PlayMC should now offer a refund if you are not satisfied with the game and its services.

PlayMC offers two different options for customers who want to download fausg games to their mobile phones. One option is through its official mobile website which allows customers to download both the iPhone version of FauG Game and the Android version. Through this option, customers will have the opportunity to enjoy the amazing graphics and sound of their favorite characters in the thrilling mobile shoot ’em up action-adventure game. Plus, they can also choose to purchase an iPhone version of the fast game and have it directly downloaded to their phones. The second option is through its Facebook page which enables customers to communicate with the company’s representatives. To give the players an idea of the kind of things they can expect from PlayMC, here are some of the game’s features:

According to sources, PlayMC will begin offering the second version of its Facebook mobile launch date by allowing existing customers of the company to join the beta testing program. To those of you who have yet to join the pre-registration phase, you can simply wait for the launch date to be set by the company. When the official mobile launch date is finally set, everyone will be able to enjoy the incredible action-packed game they’ve been waiting for. As long as you have an Android smartphone or iPhone with Facebook Connect, you can register on the pre-registration page and get access to a number of exciting free downloads of FauG Game.

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