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Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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Protests Against Farmer Suicides, Depressing Weather Conditions and Winter Dry spells

In the current scenario of rising food prices due to global warming and the resultant increased volatility of oil prices, farmers are being affected adversely. The common farmers who have suffered immensely due to the vagaries of nature are finding it difficult to meet the demands of their consumers. The government has been unable to provide a stable source of income to the common farmers as well as the common population in general. However, farmers are not the only group that has been hit by the impact of global warming; many other sections of society, particularly the indigenous peoples of India are also feeling the brunt of the catastrophe.

The government is yet to respond to the farmer’s calls for action on climate change and hence they have announced the implementation of the ‘Green revolution’ in India, which has resulted in increased pollution levels in the country. This has made many farmers across the country angry with the federal government. Some of them are even planning to organize a series of Farmers’ Protests in the near future to voice out against the new laws regarding farmer protection and environmental issues.

With the number of farmer protests increasing day by day in different parts of the country, the government has issued warning to the public about the consequences of disruption caused by farmer agitation. According to the state administration, the increase in the price of wheat and other agricultural products is inevitable unless the environment gets conducive for normal farming. According to the Punjab government, farmers have only five days within which they will be allowed to complete the cultivation of the crops they have already sown. They have till the time the crops are sown and cultivated on the soil, no one is permitted to interfere. If any farmer does not abide by the new laws, his entire crop just might be confiscated and sold at cheap prices to meet the revenue requirements of the state government!

The Punjab government is yet to clarify whether it would allow farmers to take electronic trading anytime within the year. It has however, ordered all electronic trading companies to stop trading until further notice. In fact, the state has already announced that it would ban all electronic trading within the state boundaries starting from tonight. However, the Punjab government has not yet specified a timetable by which all electronic trading companies must stop trading. This might raise a lot of doubts in the minds of traders as well as ordinary farmers regarding this measure taken by the state government.

The general feeling prevailing in the agricultural markets across the country is that farmers have no option left except to go for farmer protests until the federal and central government agrees upon some type of agricultural protection. Farmers throughout the country are very upset with the federal and state governments over their inability to solve the crisis. The basic reason for farmers to go for farmer protests is the low price of the agricultural produce this season. The low price has resulted in the inability of farmers to maintain the level of production. Farmers have to wait for the rains for at least another four to five months before they can resume harvesting. Although the chief motive behind the farmers’ strikes is genuine, their demonstrations have been ignored by the central and state governments.

The chief reason behind the farmers’ strike is that they want the federal and state governments to inspect wheat and dairy farms in the state to see that the quality of the produce is not being affected due to supply crunch. They are also demanding for the inspection of all factories making steel wool and pig iron. Steel wool and pig iron are essential in various industries including steel mills, cement plants, plastic industries and auto industries. If the farmers are not able to get a fair price for their produce, then the overall economic condition of the economy will be badly affected.

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