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Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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Quality climate in Delhi due to rain

Light precipitation and thundershowers expected throughout the week are probably going to keep air quality in ‘agreeable’ classification, said authorities in the Central Pollution Control Board.

Delhi got a spell of ‘overwhelming’ to ‘extremely substantial’ precipitation on August 20-21. “According to the conjecture got from the India Meteorological Department for the week, it is normal that air quality will stay in the ‘agreeable’ class and may even improve to ‘great’. The ceaseless spell of showers has cleaned out the toxins noticeable all around. Since August 20, the air quality list has been under 60 in the ‘palatable’ zone, which is a decent sign,” said a senior CPCB official. At 8 am today, Delhi’s AQI was 51, according to CPCB information. On Saturday, the 24-hour normal AQI was 56, while on Friday it was 57. The city encountered a ‘Great’ air day with an AQI perusing of 50. This was the second ‘acceptable’ air day in the long stretch of August and third during the current year up until now.

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