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Rajinikanth says he won’t enter in to politics because of health reasons

New Delhi : Following many news with respect to his political joining of actor Rajinikanth, who was set to make a significant declaration in regards to the dispatch of his political party on December 31, on Tuesday declared that he won’t enter in politics because of his health reasons. “With outrageous sorrow I state that I can’t enter in politics . Only I know the torment I experienced while declaring this choice,” he said.

The significant declaration by Rajinikanth comes two days after his release from a medical clinic in Hyderabad where he was going through therapy in the wake of experiencing hypertension. Rajinikanth went through treatment for three days before he got back to his Chennai home on Sunday.

In an assertion posted on his Twitter account, Rajinikanth said that he takes the new advancement over his ailment as a notice from God and he won’t proceed with his arrangements to take the political dive for the 2021 Tamil Nadu political decision.

“Without entering politics, I will serve the individuals. This choice of mine will disillusion my fans and individuals yet please excuse me,”

Rajinikanth, who set up the Rajini Makkal Mandram two years back, was set to declare his ideological group on December 31. The dispatch was planned for January, five months before the state races in Tamil Nadu.

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