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Saturday, February 27, 2021
Home Politics The BJP is gearing up for municipal elections

The BJP is gearing up for municipal elections

Jajpur: The government has not yet decided when the municipal election will take place. But the BJP is seen holding meetings in various wards to strengthen its morale for the Byasnagar municipal council elections in Jajpur district. BJP members are gathering. The issue’s end has the recaptured Doomsday in the control of the KGB. The city has a lot of problems with roads, ghats, and drainage sacrifices. When it rains, the rainwater cannot be drained. Residents are frustrated that rainwater and sewage can not be drained for days. There are serious problems. The BJP has taken the issue to the people. In the past, Congress and BJP have ruled the municipal council. The city has developed rather than developed. The no-confidence motion against the White House team was repeated, ending the city council’s campaign. The councilors forgot about the development of the city when they were overwhelmed by obstacles to the development of the city. BJP leaders are appealing to the people of the city to develop this once in a while.

Time will tell how far the BJP will face the move of Jajpur MLA Babibabu (Pranab Prakash Das and Sukinda MLA Tan Babu (Pratiranjan Ghadai) to hand over the municipal council to the Byasnagar and Korai constituencies. The late Ashok Kumar Das, the father of Jajpur MLA Bob Babu, has a long-standing belief in Panji and MLA Korai Ale B. Babu. Similarly, former Congress MLAs and senior leaders Ramchandra Khuntia, Vidyadhar Mohanty, former Rashikanda Mohanty, Bandita Parita and many other prominent leaders have been sympathetic to the image of the people of the city. The BJP hopes to cross the line.

But the question remains how successful Modi will be in the face of the plans and tactics of Chief Minister Naveen Babu in the magic magic municipal elections! The BJP’s arrows do not increase as the BJP’s veteran leaders remain silent. Veteran BJP leaders can advise young leaders and activists to come forward and strengthen the organization, as well as the BJD and the Congress. BJP state-level leaders have vowed to address various issues such as the city’s overbridge, the Railway Division Center grant, etc., to win the trust of voters during the two municipal council elections in the district. The BJP could benefit from the by-elections in Byasnagar if it were able to mobilize the people by presenting it through the organization.

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