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Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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The Center has left the responsibility of imposing restrictions on the state, enforcing night curfew

Bhubaneswar: The Union government has extended guidelines for what can and cannot be done during that time after extending the deadline until May 31. It will continue to impose restrictions on all types of domestic and international flights, as well as restrictions on the movement of Metro trains. May schools, colleges, educational institutions, training centers, coaching centers will be closed. Only hotels, restaurants and other services will be closed. You can only order a home delivery. Not all social, political, sports, recreational, cultural and religious enthusiasm and music can be organized.

Under the auspices, the work could be carried out

In coordination between the state and international passenger transport, except for the affected areas. The SPS rules must be followed when transporting passengers.

The state government will decide on Red, Orange and Green zone. Except for emergency services, there is no such thing as an emergency service. The nighttime comp will be in effect from 7pm to 7am. Impregnated crisis of the state will continue to have no local rules perform. Only emergency services will continue.

Above the age of 65, pregnant women, pregnant women, and children under the age of 10 cannot go out without health problems. Besides will continue in other programs for.

It is mandatory for all employees to download the Healthy Bridge “Arogya Setu” app on their mobile phones. The district administration has also been advised to make people aware of this. Violating things were added that action be taken. It is mandatory to cover your face in public and in the workplace.

Spitting in public places and in the office will be punished. Common space and passenger transfers forced to resort to social distance. There can be no more than 50 participants at weddings, and social distance is mandatory. Similarly, in the event of death, no more than 20 persons may be present at the funeral.

No one can use alcohol, beverages, gutkha and any drugs in public places. The shops will have one 4 feet away. No more than 5 shops can open at a place. Anyone detained at the center, the state or any other official will be punished.

The state government has been empowered to make decisions based on the guidelines of the Union Ministry of Health on what to do in the Red, Orange and Green zones.

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