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The Definition of Technology

Definition. The use of this term is highly relative. The use of technology is pervasive throughout society. It pervades all aspects of human activity, including its affects on organizations and their activities, and on society as a whole. Technology has become an indispensable part of everyday life; it is now used in virtually every transaction we undertake.

Defining the Scope: Broadband Internet technology is the leading edge of technology development. Many technologies are already in use within their respective fields, but they lie at the beginning stages of development. Examples include such technologies as satellite communications, television, telephones, personal digital assistants, automobiles, global positioning systems, handheld computers, video surveillance equipment, medical imaging, and other computer technology. As technology develops and expands, these technologies will become more widespread and useful.

One emerging technology is quantum computing. Quantum computing is concerned with the potential uses of subatomic particles for future computer power. As new technologies arise that provide us with ever increasing capabilities, the scope of potential applications widens. It is not hard to imagine that in the next five years, we will see new technologies that redefine the way we do business, operate in the world, and accomplish our goals.

With so many potential applications and uses for new technology, it is important to clearly define what technology means. For businesses, it is important to consider how any given technology may impact their organization, and what type of impact it may have. For society as a whole, it is important to create guidelines for defining and measuring the value of new technology. These tools can then be shared and used to evaluate and track new technologies, as well as the impact they have on organizations, society, and the environment.

The definitions of technology often change with the passage of time. As technology changes, the definition may need to change to accommodate these changes. In order to determine which technology is right for you, it may be wise to consult with experts in this area. Many individuals with industry-specific knowledge can provide valuable input. It can be beneficial to solicit their input before determining which technology will best meet your goals and needs. This knowledge can help assure that you choose an appropriate technology that will help you reach your goals and objectives.

Technology definition can vary among different sectors. In business, it often includes information technology, computer science, engineering, and business management. In the scientific community, the definition of technology often depends upon the discipline of study that defines it. For example, in physics, technology refers to devices or equipment that are designed to solve a problem or to explore phenomena. In engineering, technology is used to refer to new combinations of materials and technology that are needed to solve a problem. In society, technology is often used to define new methods of doing things such as email, electronic mail, instant messaging, and the internet.

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