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The duration of quarantine is 7 days now

Bhubaneswar: The quarantine period has been decreased in the state. Today, the Special Relief Commission is working to address the issue Pradeep Jena told a news conference about the issue. People from outside the state will now be in quarantine for 14 days. It will be implemented by the local authority or the district commissioner. Migrants returning to the countryside have to stay in the government quarantine center for seven days then they have to stay 7 more days in homw quarentine . “This is mandatory,” SRC Pradeep Jena told a news conference. If the local in charge of Covid-19 will see the person is affected by the symptoms or infections, the quarantine duration will be increased. If there are any symptoms during the course of the quarantine, he or she will be immediately transferred to the Covid Care Setter or Covid Hospital.

When someone come to Odisha for professional work from outside the state, you will not be in quarantine. If he returned from the state in 3 days, in that case quarantine is not needed. If someone is going to any other state with occupational work, then also quarantine is not needed if they are returning in 72 hours. Also after coming back, if someone is already went to quarantine center then they don’t have to go again.

If someone has come from other state, they are mandatory to stay in the quarantine center for 14 days and they don’t have quarantine facility, then they can stay in hotels by paying for it.

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