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Saturday, June 19, 2021
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The Education system in the state is in disarray due to effect of corona, the government is directionless : Niranjan Patnaik

Bhubaneswar: The education system disaster in Odisha. Parents who teach their children in private educational institutions such as Sai International School, Delhi Public School, Mothers Public School, KIT, etc. are of different classes. They are different. Because they have the infrastructure of the schools that teach their children. Studying there Students, teachers, educators are perfect at using the internet with mobiles, laptops.

They may have internet at home. Their children have not read the text on the Internet. However, the remaining 75 per cent of the children in rural and urban poor schools, ranging from rural area to Bhubaneswar, do not have internet access. Today, Congress president Niranjan Patnaik questioned how they would learn the lessons because they did not have internet. What is the government doing? Odisha’s students are in a state of helplessness in education. So far, people in every part of the state, especially in rural areas, have no access to telephone and internet.

In this case where internet or smart phone is not there, the school should be able to maintain a social distance from school and wear masks, and the teaching process should begin immediately. Students are the vision of the country. No specific government name has been identified. All schools, colleges are now uncertain has opened the center. Mr. Patnaik asked the children where the lessons would go. The school was reopened immediately, as was the case today. Mr. Patnaik and the Chief Minister should urge the government and teachers to take action as soon as possible, saying that teachers and teachers need to be taught by maintaining social distance and all policies. The fate of students will be pushed into the dark of the future.

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