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The Global Pandemic of Education

Education is a very important human right for all. The education sector is one of the pillars of a healthy society, and it’s something we should never compromise on. It has always been an ongoing challenge for governments, NGOs, non-governmental agencies, business, and communities to improve education levels. However, today, there are many other factors that influence education development, and these include poverty and wealth.

Never before have so many children been absent from school at the same time, affecting learning and altering lives, especially those of the most marginalized and vulnerable. The global pandemic, which is affecting nearly all regions of the world, has far reaching implications that can affect even long-term investments made in improving education in many regions. And this can be attributed to the ever-growing gap between people who have access to education and those who do not.

The Global Pandemic of education is a result of a breakdown in communication between countries. In addition to that, poor governance, corruption, lack of accountability and inequality of access to education, has also contributed to the decline of education standards across the globe. And the situation is not going away any time soon. In fact, education is one of the most neglected sectors of our economy, with the only focus is on increasing profits, as well as increasing the production level.

But the sad reality is that unless education development is addressed in a timely manner, the effects will be far reaching and long lasting. There is an ongoing need for education development in all countries across the globe. For instance, when children are deprived of proper education, they are deprived of proper human development and often become more socially vulnerable in the future. Further, it is very easy to go through educational institutions that are in bad shape, where students are deprived of proper learning, accommodation, food, and resources, but if we fail to address the root cause, then the problem will continue to worsen.

And because education is the cornerstone of any society, and poverty is the greatest barrier to an optimal social and economic development, education is very much a global concern. And the main problem that is causing education to deteriorate in developed countries, is poverty itself.

There are many ways of tackling poverty. But it is always important for people in poverty to be able to access education as early as possible. This way, they will be able to improve their lives, and enjoy a better quality of life when they grow old.

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