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The Marketing King – A Book Review

As the name suggests, MDH Marketing King is a guide to marketing your home based business, which is made for those who have been around the internet marketing scene for more than five years. It is written by Jimmy D. Brown, who has been marketing his business and coaching others for over seven years. He has achieved the status of an internet marketer’s guru and is sought out by other internet marketers as an online coach and consultant. Jimmy D., an MBA from Cedar Crest College, enjoys making people aware of how their existing marketing efforts are not doing to bring in the money that they need to earn, while at the same time providing value to those who are selling or marketing products on the internet. His book has helped many internet marketers achieve the success that they have always wanted to have.

The eBook consists of eleven chapters and a one page summary of each chapter at the end. Within this one-page summary, the reader will get a powerful introduction to the topics included within the chapters. This is where Jimmy D. breaks down the different aspects of marketing a home based business and guides the reader through each chapter with specific examples of what he did to make his business a success. It is a great guide to those who are already familiar with internet marketing as well as those who are still new to marketing.

One of the topics covered in great detail is MLM Lead Generation. This subject alone could take several days to read about, depending on how much information you want to absorb. Jimmy D. brilliantly relates the benefits of social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn, as well as the power of email marketing. With the power of email marketing, anyone can easily generate leads on a very large scale and be making money as soon as tomorrow.

Another aspect of this eBook is marketing your MLM business or home based business. You will find that the marketing methods discussed in great detail can generate massive amounts of traffic. It is important however, that you know how to generate traffic before you begin using these techniques. You must also learn to manage these visitors, in order to keep them happy and coming back to see what you are offering.

One of the most important things that I learned from reading this book was that in order to become successful at MLM, you must first establish yourself. Once you have done so, you are then ready to set up your home office and begin recruiting. You will want to recruit people who are interested in being in business with you and helping you achieve your goals. You can easily do this by using a variety of methods including word of mouth, telemarketing, cold calling, and even referrals from previous clients.

All in all, The Marketing King is one of the best books on MLM out there today. It is extremely helpful and easy to read. It does not have a lot of fluff and will provide you with great tips on how to become a successful mlm leader. Anyone who is serious about making money on the internet should definitely purchase this book. If you are serious about making it big in this industry, then this is one of the best e-books on MLM out there today.

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