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Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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The nurses’ Strike

BALASORE: Nurses’ strike at Covid Hospital in Balasore. As a result, they will be closed for a long time, with demonstrators near the gate. It is alleged that the aaministaration didn’t provide the gear for them to work in the covid hospital. They all were working at the Jyoti hospital.

On the other hand Nurses and paramedics specially recruited for Covid 19 have been provided with all the facilities, but local nurses have been accused of neglecting to do the same. Two nurses, on the other hand, were positively affected by the corona. However, the nurses complained that they were not being examined. While Balasore District Chief Medical Officer revealed that the 2 nurses had been infected with corona. When the officer was asked about the facilities should be given to them, he avoided the incident without saying anything about the problem.

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