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The Power of Politics in the Workplace

Organizational politics refer to rules and traditions within a company that guide decision-making and behavior. These rules are designed to meet internal and external demands and to serve the best interests of the upper management. Thus, effective management in the workplace requires an individual to be proficient in functional and task skills as well as in social skills.

There are two types of such social skills. First, they can be developed through practical education in public life, which could be in vocational or political fields. Second, such skills may be developed through formal schooling, such as through college and university.

Politics can play a large part in one’s professional life. It can be seen in various ways. Politics is seen to affect the career choices of professional people such as teachers and lawyers, and also the professional lives of politicians. It can also influence and affect people in other positions within a company or in an educational establishment.

In today’s world, people who wish to be a doctor have to pass a test that assesses the level of politics in their personality. The exam aims to see how a doctor will act when faced with conflict and the extent to which they will conform to the norms of a democracy. People who take this exam are allowed to choose from among those who pass or fail. In a more indirect way, politics has an impact on the professional lives of people like nurses and teachers. The way a nurse interacts with patients, their attitude and their opinions about the treatment of certain health conditions determine whether the nurse will make the right decisions and provide the best medical care for a patient. Teachers are in essence evaluated by how they interact with students, their attitudes toward learning, the quality of their teaching techniques, and whether they have the ability to inspire students.

The career of politicians has been affected by the influence of politics in their career. It can be seen in the fact that many career politicians have suffered from the “politics bug.” Thus, there was the situation where the first African American president of the United States had to flee into exile because he was caught by the Southern white power structure and tried to escape prosecution because he had been accused of treason by the South. There was the famous case of Senator Barry Goldwater, who was forced to step aside as a senator of the US Senate because of his racist views and his controversial statements regarding the civil rights of women and minorities.

Power of politics in the workplace can be very powerful. It can either encourage or prevent a person from achieving success. The most effective way to control it would be to be able to learn all about it in order to better yourself and your career. Therefore, the more you know about it, the greater will be your chances of getting better results from your career in the work place.

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