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The Sow of Mahabharat

The Sow of Mahabharat is said to be one of the three Rajas or greatest warriors of India. Another being Rama, Sow was the last King of Mahabharata. He was born in the year 2800 B.C.

Rama and his father were parents of the sages, Sadasiva and Mahadeva. According to Mahabharata sutras, Sadasiva was born in the year 3600 B.C. While Mahadeva was born in the year 3500 B.C.

Sadasiva was one of the most respected and influential warriors of Mahabharata period. He was the leader of an army of warrior monks who were trying to conquer the world. Some historians also believe that his daughter Mahalalakshmi was an incarnation of Shakti and Shesha is his son. The story of how she was conceived by the god Shiva is very interesting.

When her father wished to marry her off to the king of Brahma, she went back to the pool of Devata. According to legend, Devata was a female dog and she considered Shesha as her own son. As such, she fell in love with him. Devata took Shesha to a palace where she met the King. She told the king that her son was Devata and she wanted to be crowned queen of all living beings.

Sadasiva demanded that the king return Shesha immediately and before he could do so, Devata fell in love with his wife and Shesha. Shesha then ran away with the help of a Dasa, father of lion, and found his way to the palace of King Brahma. While Sadasiva was doing his battle with Brahma, King Brahma offered him royal status and land, but he refused and fled with his loyal companions.

King Brahma then ordered his army to kill the entire army of Sadasiva. But Sadasiva fought back and challenged Brahma to a duel. Though both were evenly matched, Sadasiva was so much stronger than his opponent that he overwhelmed Brahma and killed him.

More About The Sow of Mahabharat

Shesha then proclaimed himself the king of all beings and declared that he would give free rule to those who served him. After this great battle, the Sow of Mahabharat is believed to have gained the title, the Lord of Mahabharata and he became the ruler of Mahabharata region.

During his reign, Sow met with numerous difficulties. One incident in particular made him more angry and enraged and he was then cursed by the demon king Ravana.

The event, which made Sow so angry occurred when Sadasiva made a lotus blossom at a temple of King Draupadi. The demon king Ravana hated the act and vowed to destroy the blossom and kill Sadasiva.

Sadasiva was in the forest, where he and his follower Ashava had been staying since the blossom bloomed. Ravana appeared near the spot and asked Sadasiva about the blossom. Sadasiva was sure that the blossom had caused him a lot of problems.

However, the demon king did not reveal anything about the blossom but instead he threatened to end Sadasiva’s life if he ever told any word about the blossom. Ravana wanted to trap Sadasiva in a situation where he would lose his life without having to fight an opponent.

Sadasiva was then informed by a local sage, Chitrangada, about the plot of Ravana. Sadasiva then decided to take a sword and began to fight Ravana. However, Sadasiva did not know that he was being trapped by Ravana.

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