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The State of Odisha has been turned into ‘Crime Pradesh’ by Biju Janata Dal : Congress

Statement by Shri Randeep Singh Surjewala, General Secretary, Indian National Congress; Shri A. Chellakumar, Incharge, Odisha; Shri Niranjan Patnaik, President, Pradesh Congress Committee; Shri Narsingh Mishra, Leader, Congress Legislature Party and Shri Pranav Jha, Secretary, AICC

Protect Daughters from BJD


The State of Odisha has been turned into ‘Crime Pradesh’ by Biju Janata Dal


Saviours become Perpetrators – Odisha Police turns ‘crime friendly’ police

When Home Minister himself is the accused , then who will investigate and give justice?

Congress Party demands Rs. 1 Cr Compensation and a Govt job for the family of deceased.


Bhubaneswar: The Pavitr Bhoomi of Lord Jagannath, Odisha has been thrown to Murders, Rapists and Criminals by the Naveen Patnaik government. A land known since ancient times as the land of peace and non-violence is aflamed today with heinous incidents, atrocities, rape & murders.

Not only is the ruling BJD’s dispensation systematically patronizing criminals but the needle of suspicion now clearly points to the Home Minster of the State who is known to be close to the Chief Minster Shri Naveen Patnaik himself.

Crime has been institutionalized as a profession by the BJD government, Take a look:-

1. Everyday 4 murders, 4 rapes, 11 kidnappings and 12 murder attempts take place in Odisha.

2. Odisha ranks second in the country in terms of crime against women due to the crime rate of 112.9 percent. Not only this, in the last three years, 68,946 crimes were committed against the women of Odisha. 70 women are victimized in a day and 15 minor girls go missing every day from the State.

3. In the last one year, 2,65,335 offenses under IPC were reported in Odisha, including 1,470 murders, 1,211 rapes, 4,179 kidnappings and 4,135 offenses of attempt to murder.

4. In the last one year, 6,912 children went missing in Odisha, of which 5,815 are girl children.

5. Odisha ranks first in the attacks on the honor of women in the country. Odisha has the highest number of cyber crimes against women across the country.

The ‘Mamita Meher murder case’ has direct links with the corridors of power, where the political benefactors of the criminal are blatantly protecting them

The brutal murder of 24 year old teacher ‘Mamita Meher of Sunshine School run by Mahalinga Sansthan, in Odisha’s Kalahandi district, has shaken the soul of the entire nation and establishes the nexus between Criminals and those in Power. See facts:-

1. Mamita Meher was asked to reach, by the director of the school and accused Govind Sahu on October 8, 2021. Evidence proves that Mamita was with the accused at the called place (CCTV footage) as seen on the morning of 8th. After which she disappeared forever.

2. Mamita’s family repeatedly pleaded for justice, but the Odisha Police neither registered a case nor listened to their woeful cries.

3. After five days of intense pressure and protest, a case of kidnapping was registered on October 13, 2021.

4. On October 13, 2021, accused Govind Sahu was arrested.

5. On October 17, 2021, accused Govind Sahu escaped from the police custody in a filmy style.

6. On October 19, 2021, the remnants of Mamita Meher’s half-burnt body were found buried seven feet below the ground in an under-construction stadium.

7. Govind Sahu is accused of sexual exploitation by many girls of the institution and it is also alleged that Mamita Meher was about to expose it.

8. It is clear from the media reports, many videos, and many newspaper reports that the accused Govind Sahu and his organization enjoys full protection of the State’s Home, Power, Small Industries Minister, Dibya Shankar Mishra. It is also alleged that the minister has stayed at the institution many times.

9. An audio clip has also surfaced in this episode, in which a colleague of Mamita is telling Mamita’s brother how women employees and girl students are exploited in the institution.

10. Inspite of all the facts and evidence, the Home Minister, Shri Dibya Shankar Mishra has not been investigated, booked and sacked from his position.

There is a long list of mysterious and sensational murders in the State

The Mamita Mehr murder case is neither the first henious crime nor is the last in the state of Odisha. Sometimes back, in Nayagarh district a seven-year-old innocent girl ‘Pari’ was murdered. The police did not take any action. The girl’s parents had pointed fingers at the agriculture minister of the state, Arun Kumar Sahu; when denied justice they even tried to immolate themselves outside the assembly building. Now they are demanding a CBI inquiry into the matter.

In another sensational double murder case, the Panchayati Raj & Law Minister of the state, Shri Pratap Jaina is accused. His name was also registered in the FIR, the police tried to give him a clean chit. But dissatisfied with the role of the police, the court has again issued directions to re-investigate the case.

The people of Odisha have not forgotten the ‘Babina’ murder case in Peepli. In this case too, the then minister had to resign after widespread public outrage.

The wounds of Tikri’s Itishree murder are still fresh in our minds, where the name of a big leader and the then MP of BJD had cropped up. Similarly people of Odisha have not forgotten the Kundli gangrape of Koraput.

Every time such heinous crimes take place the names of BJD leaders come to the fore.

The people of Odisha and the country want to ask:-

Why is the brutal murder of Mamita Meher, exploitation of her colleagues & girls in the institutions where she was teaching and role of the government in protecting the culprit is not being investigated. Whats the secret?

Why has the Chief Minister, Shri Naveen Patnaik not sacked the Home Minister from his post yet?

Why hasnt an FIR been lodged against the Home Minister Shri Dibya Shankar Mishra for criminal conspiracy under Sec 302 read with 120B of the CrPC.

Isnt it a fact that in last few years names of people associated with ministers and politicians in the BJD government cropped up repeatedly in heinous crimes one after another! Recently a senior journalist, Nabin Das’s son was murdered in broad daylight in Bhubaneswar. And there have been many more such crimes.

The Congress party demands the sacking of Home Minister Shri Dibya Shankar Mishra and an FIR to be lodged against him for criminal conspiracy under Sec 302 read with 120B of the CrPC.

An investigation by the SIT monitored by the Chief Justice of Odisha High Court should also be ordered.

The Congress party also demands a compensation of 1 Crore Rupees to the family of the deceased and a government job to the brother Bunty Mehra as per his qualification.


Chief Minister, Shri Naveen Patnaik will have to come forward and answer the public.

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