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The Top Cities Of India And Their Popularity

A lot of people will ask the question as to which are the top cities of India. People travel from far and wide to experience the thrilling life and culture in India. If you are looking for a fantastic trip with a variety of activities, then these top five cities of India will be perfect for you.

The city of Hyderabad, capital of Andhra Pradesh, is considered to be one of the most visited tourist destinations in India. It is the home to one of the oldest metros of India and the headquarters of the IT industry. The capital city of India, Hyderabad boasts of several hotels and resorts that cater to the diverse needs of its customers.

Dharavi is one of the most beautiful and remarkable neighborhoods in Mumbai, India, where the rich culture and traditions can be witnessed. Dharavi is known to be the home of many stars and artists and has the true meaning of life in Mumbai. With an incredible array of entertainment options, tourists can have the best time in this beautiful neighborhood.

Trivandrum, situated in Kerala, has a great climate and is ranked among the top cities of India. This city is full of cultural attractions and great adventure sports. So if you are into adventure sports then you should definitely take a trip to Trivandrum and enjoy the vibrant nightlife, wonderful atmosphere and brilliant beaches.

Kolkata, capital of West Bengal, is also regarded as one of the top cities of India. Located in the North-East part of India, Kolkata has a cosmopolitan culture and excellent weather. The real heart of Kolkata is seen when you come here to celebrate Holi, which is the most popular festival of the city.

Calcutta, capital of West Bengal, is another popular destination for travelers. You can travel through the city easily and see a lot of enchanting and delightful sightseeing, outdoor festivals and cultural events. With world-class shopping malls, Calcutta has become one of the most popular destinations of the world.

Chennai, capital of Tamil Nadu, is also known as the northern capital of India. It is renowned for its famous temples and art galleries. With its glorious monuments and magnificent scenic spots, Chennai is a perfect place to spend your holidays.

Whether you are a frequent traveler or a regular tourist, these top cities of India can provide you with a truly memorable vacation. In addition to providing you with the spectacular locations and breathtaking view, these cities have their own personality of their own. So if you want to feel like a part of the vibrant Indian culture, then visit these top cities of India to enjoy a special holiday.

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