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The Worst Natural Disaster in the World

Hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, drought and wildfires are the worst natural disasters in the world. These natural calamities do not have a list of immediate and painful effects but will take a great toll on the lives of people all over the world. Here is a look at some of the worst natural disasters that have affected humanity.

Tsunamis are a great tragedy that hits the coast of any part of the world. The phenomenon is more common during winter, when the waters of the oceans freeze into ice. The gigantic waves created by these sudden overturns can cause great destruction to coastal regions.

Tsunamis can strike anywhere around the world. The least populated parts of the world experience high-risk areas for tsunamis, such as in Indonesia, which has more than a million people living in the area. The worst parts of the world experience areas with less than five million people.

Earthquake is the second most devastating natural disaster in the world. Earthquakes are caused by the movement of earth underneath the earth’s surface. It is a unique type of natural disaster that produces a huge amount of shaking that robs you of your senses for a while. Most often, an earthquake will cause no damage to buildings or people; however, if a large portion of a building collapses, the area will suffer injuries and damage.

An earthquake is a sudden movement of earth beneath the earth’s surface that produces vibrations. In a sense, it is similar to the way wind blows on a tree. An earthquake occurs in an area where there is a very fast changing of the land underneath the earth’s surface. In all probability, no buildings will suffer damage from an earthquake, unless it is a very big one.

Earthquakes happen due to a number of reasons. There are some areas of the world where the fault lines are too shallow, which may be caused by mining or improper drainage. The biggest reasons of earthquake are volcanic activity and an overzealous human. Also, volcanic activity is caused by the movement of underground volcanoes. The shaking caused by volcanic activity can move mountains, and it can also affect sea levels and produce floods.

Tsunamis are caused by the movement of water in any area. Tsunamis occur in seas, lakes, oceans and even in rivers. Due to the ocean currents, these waters go over the islands and continents and create severe flooding in those areas. Tsunamis can also affect the city and cause a lot of damage. Because of this, human life is usually spared from the dangers of these water waves, but whole cities are affected.

Tsunamis can be very violent and move very fast. It can cover an area of thousands of square miles and can cause massive flooding in coastal areas. People are generally safe in the nation, but the rest of the world is normally covered with water.

Earthquakes, floods and hurricanes are not the only disasters that can affect the world. Tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and forest fires are just some of the other major catastrophes that can make a great impact to the lives of people all over the world. People who live in areas that experience a lot of natural disasters need to prepare for the worst.

When natural disasters hit an area, people need to have a contingency plan that includes working together with people in the disaster area. The preparation needed depends on the extent of the damage. People should understand that any level of disaster can affect them and they need to have plans and preparations in place.

It is easy to know about natural disasters. People can check out the weather forecast and figure out the predicted weather for the day or the week ahead. They can also find out about the wind speed, and rainfall amount, and they can learn about other ways they can prepare for emergencies.

Since natural disasters can affect the world in many ways, the best thing a person can do is to learn about it and know what measures to take in the event of a disaster. Doing research on the internet can give them helpful information, especially about natural disasters, the best advice they can get is from family members who have gone through the situation. Their experience can help them become prepared.

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