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Friday, May 7, 2021
Home News This lock down will be more strict

This lock down will be more strict

Bhubaneswar: A lockdown has been declared from today to the 31st in view of the rising number of coronary infections in the state. Sudhashu Sadangi of the Police Commission informed about the lock down cut. Normal status has not returned. Everyone has to be careful. This lock down is a little harder than before, everyone has to obey. Shot down from these 5 places in a week. Grocery, vegetable shop, will open one by one. Buy from a shop near your home, not from a distance. If the violators go to buy in a bike, the bike will be confiscated. Medical staff can show their IDs. The pharmacy staff will show you a copy of the trade license. WhatsApp Group has been set up for the convenience of family, shopkeepers. Media staff will show IDs, letters from authorities. Action will be taken if someone uses false media credentials. The commission said the number of bank employees would not exceed 25 percent. Bank employees will show their IDs, letters from the authorities.

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