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Three Reasons You Should Care About Politics

Have you ever wondered if your political beliefs are shaped by your upbringing or influenced by the opinions of those around you? While most know why some may be apathetic towards the subject, I would like to tell you three reasons why so many people should care about politics and government. (Though some of these are far more important than my coffee and electric lights.) It is a widely known fact that most Americans do not vote for their president in every election.

Education is an important part of our society. In most of the developed world, there is a national curriculum that covers everything from math to English. When citizens of a country lack basic knowledge on how their society works, it can lead to problems.

For example, a good political scientist will argue against the government spending too much money on things that are useless. Yet, those who are in favor of such ideas often point out how expensive the schools in poor neighborhoods are and say they would support the government in spending more money on education because it is the only way that they can give their children a chance at a good life.

This also leads to a strong bond between the political class and the people who live in these areas. Those who do not live in these areas are left out in the cold and, oftentimes, this leads to more poverty and crime.

One important reason why many people don’t vote is because the candidates they choose tend to reflect the ideologies of the political party. A strong sense of party loyalty may keep a person from voting for a candidate whose ideology they don’t completely agree with.

The importance of politics is important. Without it, we are doomed to living in a place where everyone seems to believe that they are better off and where everyone is at the mercy of others. Without it, the government is no different from any business with a boss. Politics can bring out the best and worst in humans, but without it, we are all just pawns in someone else’s game.

People who do not vote are not doing themselves a disservice; they are just not living up to their own moral responsibility by not having a strong social conscience. Some may not vote because they are lazy or because they have nothing better to do than sit back and watch television. However, people who do vote and are politically active often have strong social conscience.

People in this country make it very clear that they don’t want the political system to be corrupt. So, when an election comes around, many citizens do their best to make sure that this does not happen. By supporting those who stand for change and not those who wish to hold power, they ensure that they are doing what they can to improve the future of their country.

Many people do not feel that they know enough about politics or the political system to make an impact on their own political parties. The best solution is to find someone who is willing to explain what is happening and why.

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