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Tirtol by-elections are underway: BJD, BJP, Congress

Tirtol (Pratap Kumar Singh): One of the major political events in Odisha is Tirtol . The date for the by-elections in this constituency has been announced today. However, no party has yet decided on their candidate.

Of course, the BJP has already imported a tough Congress leader, but the BJP has no such plans. Candidates are on the run, so the party is worried about who will run. Congress, on the other hand, is also worried about who will run for office. Rajkishore Behera, who recently left the Congress and joined the BJP, is being discussed in the BJP palace. As a result, sectarian strife in the BJP has begun. In the BJP, however, the two names were initially discussed. The name of Dr. Minati Behera, chairperson of the State Women’s Commission, and Vijay Shankar Das, son of another Binu Das, are being discussed. If the names of the two people reach the final stage, only the supremo can say yes to the candidacy of the woman or the sympathy vote for the son of Banu Das. “The BJP has always had a brother here,” he said.

In 2014, the BJP had to be content with 14,516 votes. Rajkishore, a two-time Congress candidate in the Congress, won the party’s vote by more than 50,000 votes. Naturally, the BJP is far ahead of its rivals, and this time around, it is expected that the sympathy vote will be cut by enough votes. Although the party has not yet decided on a candidate, the panchayat has already distributed its responsibilities. Unexpectedly, Rabindra Bhoy contested the 2009 elections. He won by more than 38,000 votes over his nearest rival, Rajkishore Behera. Similarly, in the 2009 elections, BJD candidate Tantar Rajshree Mallick won by more than 35,000 votes over his nearest rival Rajkishore Behera. In the 2014 elections, BJD candidate Swargat Banu Das got 93,953 votes, while the nearest rival, BJP candidate Ramakant Bhoi, got more than 40,000 votes.

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