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Thursday, April 22, 2021
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Today is Fire Service Martyrs’ Day

Bhubaneswar: A major fire broke out at the Bombay Hawk Inn on the 1944. 66 firefighters were killed in the blaze. To commemorate the martyrs, April 14 is celebrated as Fire Service Martyrs’ Day every year, and April 14 to April 21 as Fire Service Week. But with the covid-19 in mind, the same cannot be done this year.

Today is National Fire Service Day. The day was observed by the Odisha Fire and Disaster Management Academy in Bermunda, Bhubaneswar, in view of the disaster COVID-19 and social distance. It focuses on social distance. Firefighters were called to the scene. “It’s important that sanctions do not hurt the people and they are also engaged for the Covid-19 work. To keep this Covid pandemic in mind, they have simply celebrated this day.

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