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Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Transfer of workers

KOLONRA: Five workers from the Kolanara Block Therubali Covid-19 shelter in Ganjam and six workers from the Jamukelibadi shelter in Suri province to Gajapati Rayagada were sent in a special vehicle in a special vehicle by the Rayagada district administration. All these workers were given masks, new towels, water bottles, food, tiffin and passed by the Kolra Panchayat Samiti AJ Ksha Gita Kandari, Video Tapas Vol, ABDO Kashib Gopal Rao, DSSO Srikant Panigrahi, GPEO Srevilishu Vishilivisu, Veerisu Sreevishu. Patra, PA Patran Padhi sent them. All workers are happy to use the month to maintain the same social distance. Five workers went to Ambapua village in Belgunta block of Ganjam from Thakil. Six workers were sent to Gajapat to Jalang village in Rayagada block.

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