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Tributes and blood donations on the day of Rajeev Gandhi’s martyrdom on behalf of the city congress

Balangir: On the occasion of the death of the late Rajiv Gandhi of India, the city Congress paid deep homage by the local Congress office. Led by city Congress president Bulu Dani, senior party leaders paid homage to the late Gandhi and said that Indians would always remember his contribution to the construction of modern India and the application of technology. The late Gandhi, who was martyred for the unity, integrity and peace of India, was said to have won a place in the hearts of all Indians. The ongoing blood donation drive by the city Congress was dedicated to the late Gandhi today.

Fifteen blood donors donated blood. Blood donors are Nalini Kumar, Kunjbihari Pandey, Debraj Naik, Damodar Baghar, Prayas Mohapatra, Jagbandhu Mahananda, Bijay Kumar Singh, Ashish Nayak, Birja Mohanty, Saroj Thakur, Sanu Kumar Saha, Anant Patel, Manoj Kumar Raut, Shuvendu Sahu, Soumitri Pradhan. Inspired by the ideals of the late Gandhi, the members present were determined to be closer to the people in the current situation. In today’s tribute, senior Congress leader Covid-19 Control District Coordinator Asim Patnaik, State Congress Secretary Umashkar Panda, Sudam Sahu, Ajay Bali, District Congress Vice President Manish Mishra, Sebadal Chief Asit Mishra, District Spokesperson Sanand Mishra, Coordinator Kul Patnaik, Student Congress President Ankit Sahu, Prafulla Mishra, District AC Cell President and CEO, Kailash Mishra, Ashutosh Mohanty, Former Councilor Akhand Seth, Kiran S0, Kunj Bihari Pandey, Lopan Mishra, Ashok Singh, Subendra Sahu, Kishore Dandasena, Bulu Behera, chief present.

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