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Types of Education

Education is the structured process of fostering learning, the acquisition of skills, knowledge, emotions, attitudes, and habits through the means of a structured curriculum and interaction with other individuals or groups. There are several types of educational systems that include individual, collective, academic, vocational, spiritual, social and physical education. Educational systems may be public, institutional, or private. Educational systems incorporate teaching, coaching, counseling, learning by games and other indirect forms of social interaction.

A good education helps in creating intelligent, skilled and creative individuals who contribute to a better society. It develops a sense of responsibility and achievement and builds the self-confidence of students. Education facilitates the growth of socially competent, independently minded and financially secure people. Through education, children become more aware of their environment and learn how to deal effectively with change.

Distance Learning or Online Education: Non-formal education is conducted over long distances by students via the Internet, correspondence, video conferencing etc. The curriculum used in this kind of education is usually prepared by professional educators and trained professionals. Distance Learning involves meeting and interacting with lecturers and other learners through various modes like e-mail, online chat, telephonic and traditional mailing. In this type of education, the primary goal is to develop nonformal education, job skills, and life skills.

Informal Teaching and Learning: Informal teaching and learning involve the participation of teachers and students with occasional supervision by other individuals. Informal education helps to promote cross-curricular interaction between teachers and students. This can help them to identify problems and areas of improvement in the curriculum and teaching. Informal teaching and learning are usually a part of a formal education.

School-Level Teaching: School-level teaching is a kind of teaching that takes place inside a school, college, institution or university. In this form of education, the goal is to teach the same information at different times to different students in different classrooms. This can help the learners to relate to the subject matter at a different level. An example of school-level teaching is preparation of curriculum and teaching assignments at both the elementary and secondary levels. Teachers use various approaches and techniques including visual aids, listening skills and teacher-centered instruction to prepare students for higher education. A good education helps one to develop professional job skills, develop a sense of responsibility and earn respect in the society.

The above-mentioned forms of education are just among a few of the forms of education available for the different kinds of learners. All of these help in shaping and developing the minds of tomorrow’s educated people. Moreover, if these kinds of education are taught at the right time, it can also help prevent certain negative developments in a person’s personality. A good education helps individuals to become good citizens and contribute to making the society as a whole a better place to live. Thus, if you are thinking about getting yourself into education, make sure that you choose a program that will best suit your personality and needs.

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