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Universal Health, Safety and Social Security as declared by Modi Govt is a mith


Bhubaneswar : Universal Health care & Social Security for all 52 crore works in India is not possible without budgetary support. On the other hand putting various condition and limitation of applicability like no of workers limit for safety Committee or Canteen Health of committee couldn’t cover the unorganized workers, Agriculture Workers, Migrant Workers, Domestic Workers & MGNREGA where the Employer & Employees bother are covered under this act.  Hence Dr. R.C. Khuntia, EX-MP, INBCWWF President, National Vice President, State President of INTUC and B.W.I Vice Chairman. While opening & moderating the virtual conference on OSH Code 2020 draft code on 30/12/2020 arranged by all Global Union Federation. Including BWI, UNI, ITF, Industrial All. As per the rules minimum 500 workers required to for canteen and 200 workers migrant constitute the safety Committee, whereas earlier in Building Construction Workers Act it was 250, Building and other Construction workers welfare act 1996 was having 251 clauses of Health and Safety were in the act. Annual Health Examination Certificate  is required but not the certificate system may be useful to the employers to terminate employees.  12 hours working hour is not acceptable.  It is against the ILO convention and ILO has sent a reference already on this issue. Increasing working hours will eliminate one third workers from workplace. Allowing Women Workers work in right time may not be safe.  In view of the women Crime in rise in India. Earlier establishment p to 50 workers registration was not required. Records will not be preserved for more than 1 year is not good for the workers. At present also 45 thousands of workers are dying in accidents, occupation disease but the inspector becoming facilitator and only Chief Labour Commission will decide about the inspection policy is not acceptable. Sri Dr Basanta Kumar, Karnataka construction workers welfare Board, Dr. Rajeev Sharma, Policy Officer, BWI, South Aisa Pacific, Prerana Prasad, Miss Apurba, Industrial all  Miss Anjali, UNI Denis, PSI, Mr Arabinda for ITS gave the details outline  from the OSH – ACT 2020. Sri Chandra Prakash Singh, Bihar, Amjad Hoseen, Ramesh Bath, Tipul Pandia, Gujurat, Nala Mutu, Tamilnadu, Bhubaneswari Nanja Path of Tamilnadu, Solomi, Kerala, Tularam Sharma, Agra, S.K. Jama, Nagpur , Dada Rao Donge participate in the discussion.

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