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Saturday, April 10, 2021
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What all will open after April 20th

Bhubaneswar: The Indian government has declared a lockdown till May 3rd due to the Corona virus in India. However, the state government’s revenue department has issued a special guideline on what will be open and closed before May 3, after April 20. So let’s find out what’s open and what’s closed after April 20th.

Passenger transport will be closed by train, only goods trains will be open

All cinemas, swimming pools, gyms, all religious places will remain shut

Containment areas will be strictly observed, the rules will be strictly enforced.

Necessary supplies will be delivered to the Containment areas.

During the lockdown, fruit and vegetable stores, fish, meat, and grocery stores will be open.

And all hotels and restaurants will be closed except food distributing restaurants

Passenger buses will not work

Religious places will not open for public visits

Fruits, vegetables and medicine stores will remain open in lockdown period

Fish, Meat and Ration stores will remain open

Bank will remain open

Print and Electronics media will remain open

All International and national flights will not fly

E-commerce and Petrol pump will remain open

All the educational institutions, training centers are closed

Patients and health workers vehicles will run and no auto rickshaws or taxis will be driven anywhere except the carrier

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