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What is it like to have Blood Pressure?

For many people, the dangers of hypertension (high blood pressure) are unfamiliar. It is thought that hypertension is a normal and inevitable occurrence, but for others it is an uninvited guest in their life that is causing pain and suffering. Most patients with high blood pressure are unaware of the specific role hypertension plays in their health problems. The elderly can be particularly affected, as they have to manage a disease that is characterized by growth factors in the blood.

One of the causes of hypertension is decreased blood flow to the heart. Since it is common for the heart to slow down, the blood then has to be forced through smaller vessels or arteries. The pressure of the blood increases, and the heart is forced to work harder, but this can lead to strokes and heart attacks. Other risk factors that contribute to high blood pressure include a low level of exercise, being overweight, smoking, alcohol consumption, and unhealthy diets.

Another common ailments that are associated with high blood pressure are diabetes and kidney disease. These diseases can affect the valves that control the flow of blood in the veins. If these valves are damaged, the blood will not flow in the normal way. This will result in increased pressure in the blood vessels, and the risk of heart attack and stroke increases dramatically.

Those who have had a heart attack are more likely to suffer from hypertension. The damage to the heart muscle and the blood vessels that result from a stroke are much more severe than those caused by hypertension. Some medications used for high blood pressure treatment may also contribute to heart disease.

High blood pressure is not just confined to old age, but also affects younger people. The younger person’s body is less able to cope with pressure changes that occur as the body develops. A child who is small for his age is less able to manage high pressure in the blood, and the same will apply to a teen. Diabetes is another underlying cause of hypertension and there are drugs available to control it. The major problem with this approach is that the patient’s blood sugar levels must be kept under control. In this case, medications that reduce blood sugar levels may be required, which puts the patient at risk of experiencing harmful side effects.

Patients with hypertension are often unaware of the impact of hypertension on their health. This is a serious condition that needs treatment and proper care.

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