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What Is The PMP Professional Organization?

A lot of people aspire to become a member of the Canadian Professional Employers Organization, better known as the Canada PMP. This is a distinct organization made up of a board of directors, which is accountable to the government in general, and to its members (PMPs) who are also government employees working in various industries across Canada. Although the term ‘PMP’ may give some sense of confusion, it is generally used to refer to the profession, and not the political position of the prime minister. While the PMP retains a consultative role, much of his/her time is devoted to policy development, as well as implementing government programs that are designed to help Canadians improve their economic situation.

The officers of the Canadian PMP are elected by the members of the organization. There are presently eight members of the board. All have extensive experience in their respective fields of experience in the private and public sectors. The current board includes four women and one single male member. The prime minister is not included on this board.

Each year, the members of the Board of Directors meet to elect a new leader. The current board chair is Mr. Fernand Gough, an economic advisor who has been a cabinet minister in both the governments of Ontario and British Columbia. He has also served as an MLA and a member of the provincial legislature. Mr. Gough’s main focus has been the development of the professional expertise of the industry members.

Recently, the PMP designation was created to recognize those with a four-year graduate degree in business, non-profit management, and /or economics from an accredited university or college who have the ability to manage the productivity of other members of their team. The PMP designation is the highest in the profession. When looking for an experienced professional with strong management skills, it is best to select a candidate who has completed an MBA and who is also a graduate of a top business / accounting / finance program. With the increasing number of graduates with graduate degrees holding prestigious PMP credentials, and the growing demand for highly skilled professionals with leadership skills, the PMP profession will continue to grow in popularity.

To be considered for membership on the board, potential candidates must meet several requirements. Candidates need to be current university students with four years of work experience. They also need to have passed the necessary examinations and be in good standing with the relevant regulatory body. Another requirement is that all members of the board must have at least five years of related work experience in the field they wish to regulate. The role of the PMP is quite demanding and includes regular meetings with a variety of executives and clients, attending conferences and seminars, writing reports and manuscripts, and serving on committee assignments.

The PMP certification process differs slightly in each province, but the basic requirements are basically the same. Applicants are required to complete a written application, and provide a certified application for acceptance. The completed application will include the personal profile, curriculum vitae, and references. All documents supporting the educational background of the applicant, along with work experience in related fields are required to be attached. Once the application is completed, it is reviewed by the board before it is accepted or rejected. After approval, the applicant can expect to attend a training session, and then sit for the exam that is held in either a classroom or an outdoor session.

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