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Friday, February 26, 2021
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Why I Love Justin Bieber

Justin Trudeau is the latest celebrity to get a PM hat on his resume. It’s quite the feat for Justin, after all, he is riding high on the” apology tour” which he has been participating in. He is basically riding high on the “make my day” bus. He has gotten a lot of media coverage for this and it has helped his political profile considerably. Now we see PM-the-artist getting a little more exposure.

The first time I saw the PM-the-artist was at an art gallery opening in Toronto. She was there with her boyfriend and when I told him I was Canadian he said “oh yeah, we are going to the premier’s party.” Apparently he is also a performer and has recently become popular. He is also well known for being a vegan.

The gallery that hosted Justin’s performance was very somber as expected. They presented him with an award for his outstanding work as an artist. This was really good because it showed just how important artists in our country are. Also because he is so young (just 31), it is an honor for him and a testament to the fact that he is a rising star. His work also demonstrated that he is up with the times and very aware of issues such as racism and sexism.

We have come a long way in the past few years and Justin’s presence in politics is a wonderful thing. He is an example for many of us who might not be as open or vocal about our politics. Many younger people who might not have gone to politics before would be surprised by what is happening. He gets to take part in many struggles and show us that we can fight for change while still having fun.

I am also a huge fan of Justin because he promotes positive thinking among all people. We need to think positive and have hope. I love that he has a business that is based on positive thinking and encourages others to do the same. It’s great that he is using his fame to help spread a positive message.

All in all, I am very happy for Justin and all that he is achieving. I am very excited for Canada’s future. I know he is going to make it a great nation. I just wish he had won the Canada PMP competition a couple years ago instead of Justin Bieber. That would have made me a little more jealous.

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