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Why India Is Great-2

Why India is Great? That question is more relevant now than ever before. In the past few decades, India has emerged as a major superpower. For many, India is nothing but a place to be treated and never a country to be respected.

India has emerged as a world leader. Its contribution to world peace is unmatched. More importantly, India is one of the few countries that can be called “country of the century”. India’s economy is not only a big player in global business, but it is also one of the leading producers of large-scale products.

On its part, India has also contributed substantially to world economic and financial stability. India is the largest creditor nation in the world. This record may not be matched in the near future.

This is due to the fact that despite all the challenges, the Indian economy is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. New industries have been started across the country and new businesses are generating a surplus of wealth and income. The government has initiated policies that enable entrepreneurs to start their businesses in any part of the country. This is undoubtedly a credit to the Narendra Modi government.

Now, it is not just the government of India that are responsible for making India a major player in the world, but the entire Indian society has played an important role. Indians today are the wealthiest people in the world, thanks to the hard work and the excellent performance of the Indian economy. This is an achievement that should be proud of and called India’s birth right.

This year, India celebrates its golden jubilee. That is reason enough to celebrate as many times as you can and to remind you that despite the pressure of global competition, India has created great contributions towards the well being of mankind.

There is no doubt that India has contributed a lot towards the well being of mankind and so, there are other reasons why India is great. Some of the reasons are:

First, India is a land of ideas. Indians have always thought of the world differently. This has resulted in the flourishing of many exciting technologies and ideas. All these can be seen in the inventions and discoveries that have been made by Indians.

The Indian mind has also seen many challenges and problems during the course of time. Indians have always sought to overcome these challenges and turn them into opportunities. In spite of their long life span, they have never given up their idea of diversity and progress and always think of new ways of achieving their goals.

Today, India is one of the few countries that can be called “world city”. The Indian IT sector is well known all over the world. You can see the true potential of the Indian economy when you visit the countries like Singapore, Brazil and China, which have opened up their doors to the likes of Indian IT professionals.

The cost of education in India is very low. As a result, the people from all walks of life are able to get access to higher education at affordable rates. This is a credit to the efforts of the Indian government to make education a common facility to the people.

The people of India have also dedicated themselves to making India the safest place to live. From the very first day when the American president was assassinated, India pledged to put an end to terrorism. It has done so and remains steadfastly committed to its commitments.

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