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Ram Mandir Temple – A Sacred Temple Commemorated by All Indians

The most venerated temple dedicated to Lord Brahma in the world, in a region known as Mathura, lies at the site of Ram Mandir in the city of Puri. A holy temple which has been standing since ancient times, it has now been turned into a park named after Lord Brahma. While located in the temple area, it is quite close to the major temple, Mandir Durbar Maha Sahib. This article attempts to answer the question of where did Ram Mandir get its name?

According to tradition, when Lord Brahma established his kingdom on earth, he created seven heavens as his dwelling place. From these heavens, he sent his son Parashurama (or Parasara) with instructions to guard the earth from all the evil spirits. The Parashurama took care of his father by going on a particular pilgrimage and performed many services for him. Among these services was building a temple in honor of his father. Initially the devotees of Parashurama were less keen on building a temple in their holy land, but since they observed that the temple built by Parashurama successfully prevented all the attacks of the bad spirits, they converted the ruined temple into a holy temple.

There are many theories about the construction of the temple. However, the most accepted version is that Parashurama had to sacrifice his only son Satyadhisin in order to gain favor with the then King Magadh. Afterward, he went on to build another temple for his parents and other relatives. It is believed that Lord Brahma sent his son Yashtimadhuk (or Yashta) with instructions to build a temple in honour of his father. It is also believed that the temple that Yashtimadhuk built was the same temple that later became the home of Parashurama.

The present temple at Ram Mandir is a memorial to Lord Brahma as well as his consort Goddess Lakshmi. It is located close to the current temple at Khajuraho. Many Hindu scholars believe that it was the prosperity of Yashtimadhuk that prompted the Brahma Temple to be located near the present temple. Some even suggest that it was this holy temple that prompted the then ruler of Magadh, Mahabharata, to convert his daughter Chinedu from the worship of the goddess of knowledge (Shiva) to worshiping of the lord, Shiva.

The other temples located close to Ram Mandir include the Vishwanath temple, where there is a Brahma temple, and the Sudhagar temple. The latter is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Sudhagar is also thought to have been built by Yashtimadhuk. The construction of temples in the region began during the rule of Ashoka the Great. As far back as 500 B.C, Hindu priests were also seen carrying amulets that would enable them to protect themselves from the evil eye.

The temple is located close to some of the most important historical sites in the country. Some of these include the Agra Fort and the tombs of the mahabaleshwaras or great kings. The temple is also located close to the spot from where the legendary chariot races were conducted in ancient times. The temple is also close to the Agra-Udhum-Chittorgar fort and the stone structure of the Taj Mahal. So, visiting this temple will not only make you feel closer to the lord, but also cast a sacred spell on you!

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